Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

carbonated-carpet-cleaning-rockwallCarbonated carpet cleaning is something that you have probably heard of but you might not know much about. You may have visions of having your carpet soaked in a carbonated liquid but this is not quite how it works. In fact, the mechanical bubbles from the solution do little to clean your carpet. The real benefit is the oxygen being released.

Why Carbonated Carpet Cleaning?

Carbonated cleaning allows us to use the power of oxygen to clean your carpet. It boosts the power of cleaning solutions so that we can get your carpet cleaner than other Rockwall area carpet cleaners without dangerous chemicals or strong detergents. Your carpet will be healthier, cleaner and will stay clean longer.

Why Choose Prodigy Clean of Rockwall?

  • No Sticky Residue
    Because we do not use detergents or shampoos to clean, there is no sticky residue left behind. This means that your carpet ill stay clean longer.
  • No Odor
    Because we do not need to use fragrances to hide chemical odors, there is virtually no odor. You only smell the oxygen being released. It smells like the air before a thunderstorm.
  • A Healthier Home
    We use no dangerous chemicals or harsh cleaners. This is important because you need to be careful what goes into todays sealed homes. What comes in does not leave so easily.
  • A Brighter Carpet
    Our oxygen cleaner will brighten your carpet like nothing else.

If you are ready to see how clean your Rockwall carpet can be, give us a call or schedule a cleaning online.


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