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Carpet Cleaning in Forney TX

cleaning technicianAt Prodigy Clean, we do things different than most Forney carpet cleaning companies and you will notice the difference immediately. For starters, we use a safe, oxygen powered carpet cleaner that leaves zero soil attracting residue. We also use a state of the art truck mounted carpet cleaning machine that allows us to clean your carpet deeper and get it dry faster than the others. Finally, we do not use sneaky pricing schemes. We give you all of our prices up front and everything that is needed for a carpet cleaning is included in the price. Give us a call now or schedule online to see the Prodigy Clean difference for yourself.

What’s Included?

  • Vacuuming: Dry soil is easier to remove before you wet it, so we begin each job with a thorough pre-vacuuming. Most carpet cleaners like to skip this step.
  • Furniture Moving: For no additional charge, we will move items like end tables, chairs and couches.
  • Pre-treating: We begin the process by applying our oxygenated carpet cleaning solution to your carpet. The cleaner breaks down and absorbs the soil so it can be removed from your carpet.
  • Extraction: Once the cleaner has been given enough time to work, it is extracted from your carpet with our truck mounted cleaning system. Truck mounted machinery provides heat in excess of 200 degrees and powerful vacuum. This allows us to out clean other Forney carpet cleaners and still have your carpet dry in a matter of hours.
  • Power Dry: You want to get back to using your home quickly so we include power drying of your carpet with a commercial carpet fan to kick start the drying process.
  • Spot Cleaning: Any spots not removed by the carpet cleaning process are treated after the cleaning. We do not charge extra for basic spot cleaning although complex stains like red dye may be a small additional charge.
  • Guarantee: Every job that we do is backed by a 10 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply give us a call and we will return free of charge.

Upholstery Cleaning in Forney TX

Just about every Forney carpet cleaning service does upholstery cleaning but most treat upholstery just like carpet. This is a recipe for disaster because upholstery is very different from carpet. Every piece is different both in material and construction so every piece must be thoroughly examined before a cleaning. This assures you of the best cleaning without the possibility of damage to the fabric.

What’s Included?

  • Pre-Spray: First, your upholstered furniture is sprayed with the recommended cleaning solution. This will usually be our oxygenated cleaner but other materials may require different solutions.
  • Agitation: Next, the cleaning solution is agitated to break down and absorb the soil.
  • Extraction: The last step is a thorough rinse to remove both the pre-spray and the soil.
  • Pillows Included: At Prodigy Clean, we never charge extra for pillows that came with the upholstery. All pillows of the same material are cleaned for no additional charge.


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Recent Reviews

Nathan A. (Dallas, TX)
We have used James for the past three years. He is always on time, professional, and through. We have recommended him to multiple people and will continue to use him in the future.

Libby F. (Dallas, TX)
We have been using Prodigy for years and love them! The service is very professional and the results are great. I love the easy online booking process too. I can't recommend Prodigy enough.

Larry L. (Dallas, TX)
We have used lots of carpet cleaning services over the years and I'm glad to say we have finally found one that goes the extra mile in service and attention to detail. Formerly Carlson Carpet Cleaning, Prodigy does not try to upsell you with useless additional services or will make excuses why something does not get clean the first time. He will come back out and make it right! The others, and you know the names, give it a lick and a promise. Prodigy vacuums thoroughly at first, moves your furniture and puts it back on styrofoam to allow it to dry without spotting. And he is very professional and courteous.

Mubina B. (Dallas, TX)
James called on his way to let me know when he would be there and he arrived promptly. He was very professional and finished the work quickly and efficiently. I called at 8pm and left a message with a question and he called me back within 5 minutes.

Matt M. (Garland, TX)
I had a great experience using them last week. James called in advance and showed up right on time. As this was my first carpet cleaning, James was patient and accommodating to my requests.