I started Prodigy Clean in 2001 under the name Carlson Carpet Cleaning. I changed the name to Prodigy Clean in 2013 to better reflect the number of different cleaning services that I offer. It is still the same company and has not changed hands.

As an owner, operated company, I can provide much better service than the larger franchises. I am on every job which assures you several things. First, it means that an industry veteran will be in your home, not a kid working a summer job. Experience counts with carpet cleaning. It also means that the person in your home has a vested interest in making you a customer for life. Nobody will care more about the results and the entire carpet cleaning experience. Try my company once and I guarantee you will never hire another cleaning service.

As far as the cleaning goes, I use the method recommended by major carpet manufacturers and that is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Other methods like dry cleaning depend on agitation to remove soil and can be damaging on a carpet. They are also limited in the amount of soil that they can remove because of the limited use of water. I also use a soap free cleaner powered by natural oxygen. This cleaner leaves no soil attracting residue and is safe for children and pets, having no solvents or dangerous chemicals.

By now, hopefully you have decided to give me a try. Take a look at my specials and call me or schedule a cleaning online. Keep in mind that my prices include everything needed for a cleaning with no hidden charges. You might see a lower price advertised by another service, but be sure to read the fine print. By the time they add up all of the extra charges, you will typically pay far more than what I charge.