Carpet Cleaning in Fairview TX

Magician’s Cleaning provides natural, residue free carpet cleaning in Fairview TX. You will find that we are quite different than other carpet cleaning companies. Our process contains no dangerous chemicals and is instead powered by oxygen. We also include everything that is needed for a basic carpet cleaning in the price, with no hidden fees. Give us a call or schedule a cleaning online and see for yourself why Prodigy Clean is quickly becoming the most acclaimed cleaning service in North Texas.

What’s Included?

  • Vacuuming: Most Fairview cleaners like to skip this step, but it is important. Dry soil is removed more thoroughly before it is moistened so we vacuum every carpet before we clean it.
  • Furniture Moving: We will move items such as end tables and chairs for no additional charge. We just ask that you clear the items of breakables before we arrive.
  • Pre-treating: Every carpet needs to be pre-treated but most carpet cleaners in Fairview like to charge extra for it. We include it in the price.
  • Extraction: After the oxygenated pre-treatment is allowed to work its magic on your carpet, it is extracted with our state of the art truck mounted machine.
  • Power Dry: We know that you want your carpet dry as soon as possible, so we include power drying with every cleaning job.
  • Spot Cleaning: Any spots that are left behind after your carpet is extracted are treated and removed. Complex spots such as red dye removal may be a slight additional charge.
  • Guarantee: At Prodigy Clean, we stand behind our work with a 10 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with any part of the cleaning, we will return for no additional charge.

Upholstery Cleaning in Fairview TX

Upholstery cleaning requires special skills different from carpet cleaning. This is because every upholstered piece of furniture is different. Before we clean any piece of upholstery, we thoroughly examine it to determine the most effective and safest cleaning method.

What’s Included?

  • Pre-vacuuming: The first step in any successful cleaning is dry soil removal. Before applying any moisture, we thoroughly vacuum your carpet.
  • Pre-Spray: Next, your upholstery is sprayed with a pre-spray to break down and absorb soil.
  • Extraction: Finally, the pre-spray and soil is extracted from your upholstery leaving an almost like new piece of furniture.
  • Pillows Included: We do not charge extra for pillows made of the same fabric as the rest of the piece of furniture.


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