Carpet Cleaning With Oxygen

cleaning technicianOxygen powered carpet cleaning is the best way to get your carpet clean without dangerous chemicals or harsh detergents. Our steam cleaning process uses cleaners that release natural oxygen to power away the toughest soil. It eliminates the need to use solvents, detergents and soap. The result is a carpet that is cleaner, has no odor, is softer and has no soil attracting residue. Ready to see the difference? Give me a call at 972-999-1361 or you can schedule an appointment online.

What’s Included?

If you have ever had your carpet cleaned before, you know that many carpet cleaners like to practice “bait and switch” tactics. This is when they quote a low price and then nickel and dime you to death on the needed extras. I do not play this game. In fact, look below at just how much is included in the base price.

  • Vacuuming: Dry soil removal is crucial for a quality carpet cleaning.
  • Furniture Moving: I move basic furniture like chairs and end table for no additional cost. Larger items like beds and dressers can be cleaned around without damage.
  • Pre-treatment: I apply my natural, oxygen powered cleaner to your carpet hot and give it time to break down soil.
  • Extraction: Using a truck mounted cleaning unit, I rinse your carpet clean. The machine is powerful enough to leave minimal moisture behind so that your carpet dries in a matter of hours.
  • Power Dry: To further speed the drying process, I use drying fans to kick start the process.
  • Spot Cleaning: Always included in the cost is basic spot cleaning. There may be nominal extra charge for complex spots like pet stains.

Ready to see just how easy it is to get a quality carpet cleaning in Rockwall? Just give me a call or schedule a cleaning online. Be sure to check out my carpet cleaning specials page for current deals.