Cheap Carpet Cleaning In Rockwall

Looking for the cheapest carpet cleaner in Rockwall, TX? Be careful, because you just might find them. Or at least the carpet cleaner who ADVERTISES the cheapest carpet cleaning price. The cheapest carpet cleaner is rarely cheap and is almost never a good value. Here is why you should avoid cheap carpet cleaners.

  1. They are not really cheap.
    Many carpet cleaners like to practice “bait and switch” pricing. They advertise a cheap base price which does not include everything needed for a cleaning. Once inside your home, they will charge you extra, usually by the square foot, for extras like pre-treatment and spot cleaning. These are things that every carpet needs, so you can rest assured that you will be charged. Charging by the square foot, these cleaners can usually add $20 to $40 per room extra to the bill.
  2. They use cheap equipment.
    You can get into this business for a few hundred dollars by buying cheap used equipment. These machines can get your carpet wet but remove little soil. Once your carpet dries it will probably look worse than before it was cleaned. Our machines cost almost $20,ooo and require 3/4 ton vans to move them around. They are expensive, but they remove a lot of soil and leave your carpet only slightly damp.
  3. They do bad work.
    Cheap carpet cleaners play all sorts of games to jack up the price and they know that you will be upset and never call them again. They have no incentive to do good work.
  4. They are not accountable.
    These cheap companies change their names often to avoid their bad reputation. You can not count on them to be there if there is a problem. This is why many of the companies answer the phone by simply saying “carpet cleaning”. They do not know which of the company names they have used you are calling for.

At Prodigy Clean, we will never be the cheapest advertised price but we are the best value. Our price includes everything needed for a cleaning with no surprises. Things that CHEAP carpet cleaners charge big bucks for. Our base price includes vacuuming, pre-treatment, spot cleaning, extraction, light furniture moving and speed drying. Click here and see our current specials.