Clean Your Carpet Before The Sale

Are you about to put your house on the market? If so, take a look down and think about what your carpet says about your home. Even if you think it looks okay, many potential buyers may not. And while your home will still sell easily in this market, you could be leaving money on the table by not putting your best foot forward. Here are some reasons that you should consider cleaning your carpet before you list your home.

  • Your carpet is not as clean as you think.
    You have gotten used to how your carpet looks. It might not have any specific stains but it does not shine like it used to. This is because a coating of soil has gradually been applied to your floor over the months or years.  The gradual change has led you to not notice it like you would a big ugly stain but trust me, if you have not had your carpet cleaned in a year, you will notice the difference after a cleaning.
  • Your home has a musty smell.
    Your carpet holds a great amount of soil and dirt. That musty smell in your home may be coming from the rug. Clean your carpet so that the air smells crisp in your home.
  • You have pets.
    Even if you can not smell your pets, many potential buyers will. Someone who loathes pets will pick out even the faintest odor of cats or dogs.
  • A dirty carpet causes people to look further.
    When people see dirty carpet they start looking at other things. It could cause them to doubt the cleanliness of your home and might keep them from making a max offer.
  • Nobody likes a cheapskate.
    If a homeowner skimps on the little things like carpet cleaning, they often skimp on major repairs as well. Nobody wants to buy the home that was a do it yourself special.