Cleaning Auto Upholstery

auto carpet cleanerWe get asked a lot about cleaning auto upholstery but this unfortunately is something we just do not do. Steam cleaning, while it is the most thorough cleaning method, is not the best thing for auto upholstery. With all of the wiring in your car, introducing moisture is not the best choice. This is especially true when you consider that most auto carpet seems to be Olefin. This material absorbs little moisture so the water that does hit it will run down the fiber and to the back of the carpet where wiring and hard to dry insulation lies.

So how do you clean your auto upholstery. The best choice would be a foam cleaner commonly found at most auto repair stores for just a few dollars It is not the most thorough cleaning method but it is safer with cars and trucks. You simply spray the foam on the carpet, agitate it and either wipe it off with a towel or allow it to dry and then vacuum it. This is a relatively effective cleaning method but you may have to repeat it several times if you have heavy soiling.