Does carpet protector work?

If you have ever had your carpet cleaned, a carpet cleaner has offered you carpet protector. It is the go to add on sale for carpet cleaning companies. This does not necessarily mean that it is not a useful product. It is not however for everyone. Here are some reasons that you might want to get carpet protector and some reasons that you might not need it.

Reasons To Buy Carpet Protector

  • You have an active household with kids that frequently drop food and drinks. Carpet protector will give you more time to get to stains before they set deep into the fiber. In addition, many stains will dry on the surface with a quality protector. These can usually be simply vacuumed up.
  • You plan on being in your home a long time. Carpet protector will do more than just repel stains. It will also form a protective coating over the fiber, cutting down on wear. It could pay for itself with the added life of the carpet.

Reasons To Not Buy Carpet Protector

  • You have an Olefin carpet. Olefin is naturally resistant to staying because it does not absorb much moisture. While protectors may provide some additional resistance to oil based stains, they are generally not worth the money with this type of carpet.
  • You will not be in your home long. If you plan on selling your home within a year or two, it may not be worth it to invest in carpet protectors. The value of protection is seen over the long haul and the added benefit for one year may not be worthy.