Dry Time After Carpet Cleaning

Dry time is an important consideration when having your carpet cleaned. You want your carpet to dry quickly for several reason. The first is for convenience. This is the obvious one. You do not want to spend days tip toeing around your carpet. Another reason that dry time is important is that an overly wet carpet, one that is wet for days, is subject to potential mildew growth. Nobody wants that. Lastly, a carpet that dries fast is less likely to have problems with spots wicking back to the surface and will generally maintain its clean appearance longer.

So, now that you know dry time is important, what should you do. You might consider dry carpet cleaning but there is a problem with this. Dry carpet cleaning methods use minimal moisture to get those short dry times. Minimal moisture equals minimal soil removal. Your best option is to choose a steam cleaning company that takes steps to assure fast drying and maximum moisture removal, one like us.

At Prodigy Clean, we take steps to make sure that your carpet dries efficiently without skimping on the soil removal. For starters, we use truck mounted machines. These machines are capable of removing more of the moisture because they have more powerful vacuums. In addition, they produce higher heat which allows us to use less pre-spray and, as you probably know, hot water will evaporate quicker. In addition, we use proper cleaning techniques that balance our systems vacuum capability with the moisture that we use. Many companies like to blast your carpet with extremely high pressure. This makes it look clean, but only for a few days, until everything wicks up to the surface. Lastly, we use powerful, specialized drying fans to cut down the drying time. Our fans are specifically designed for carpet drying after cleaning.

So, want a carpet that gets really dry, really quickly and still gets clean? Call on Prodigy Clean.

  • Truck Mounted Machines
  • Proper Cleaning Techniques
  • Powerful Drying Fans
  • No Residue Cleaners
  • No Dangerous Chemicals
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.