How long will my carpet stay wet?

If you are having your carpet cleaned for the first time, you might have some questions about the entire process. One of the biggest concerns that yo might have is probably about dry times. How long should you expect your carpet to be wet?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. It depends on the weather, the level of soiling in your home, the availability of forced ventilation and the type of carpet that you have. It stands to reason that if it is very humid, the carpet will take longer to dry. Likewise, if your carpet is heavily soiled and more cleaning passes are needed to clean it, more moisture will be left behind.

In general, you should expect your carpet to take between four to six hours to dry. This is the average cleaning time  for an average carpet with average weather. Add time for heavy soil, humidity, very plush carpet and poor ventilation. Subtract time for dry days, lightly soiled carpet or homes where ceiling fans and floor fans are available.

Drying is always a concern of mine. This is why I use a truck-mounted machine that is able to extract more moisture. It is also why I balance the pressure of water being used and use specialized drying fans while I am in your home. I can not leave the fans until the carpet is completely dry, but using them takes a few hours off the dry time.