Rowlett kid playing in mud.

How To Clean Mud From Carpet

Spring is almost here and with it come spring showers. April showers make April flowers and they also make something else, mud. Mud on carpet can be very aggravating but, believe it or not, it is one of the easier stains to remove from a carpet. If you have found yourself with a mud stain or just want to be prepared, take a look how you can handle this mess.

Don’t Panic

First and foremost, you need to not panic when you get mud on your carpet. Most people run straight for the carpet spotter and try too attack the fresh stain immediately. All that this does is make the stain worse, spreading the mud out t a larger area and driving it deeper into the carpet.

The correct thing to do when you get mud on your carpet is nothing, nothing at all. With most other stains, time is of the essence and the longer it sits, the worse the stain will be. This is not the case with mud which is thick enough that it will have a hard time penetrating the fiber.

A better approach is to simply let the mud be and allow it to dry. Since it can not easily penetrate the fiber, it is unlikely to leave a permanent stain, unless you help it by spot cleaning it.

Once the mud is dry, you can take your vacuum and simply suck up the dry mud. A soft bristled brush can also be used to help break up the hold on the carpet. Be sure to take your time when vacuuming and hit the mud stain from every angle. When you are done, you will likely be left wit a clean carpet. If there is any mud left at this point, a spot cleaner can now be used.

When spot cleaning, be sure to apply the cleaner to the rag, not the carpet. Then dab the spot working from the outside towards the center of the spot. This will allow you to remove the mud without spreading it around.

Of course, if this sounds like more than you want to handle, you can always give us a call. We offer Rowlett TX carpet cleaning and cleaning in most nearby cities.