Storm Season Carpet Tips

With the second part of our storm season coming up, I thought I would give you some advice on dealing with the weather and carpet. A few tips that can save your carpet some unnecessary wear and tear.

  1. For starters, try to make your family take their shoes off at the door. This is the most effective solution but it is also the hardest to enforce. If successful though, you will have clean carpet even during the heaviest of rains.
  2. Use entry rugs. Second best to taking your shoes off is at least having an entry rug for people to wipe their feet on. During times of heavy rain, throw a few old towels on the floor for good measure.
  3. Run the Air conditioner a bit cooler. The air conditioner will dehumidify the air and keep damp musty smells at bay.
  4. If you get mud on the carpet, do not panic. Simply let it completely dry and vacuum it out. Most mud is thick enough to just dry on the surface and will be easily removed with a vacuum if you resist the urge to mess with it.
  5. Call me when you need cleaning. Yes, I even work in the rain.