The January Coupon Is Out

We just emailed out the January 2017 carpet cleaning coupons and there are some great savings for those ready to get their home back in shape. Clean 3 rooms and get $10 off, clean 4 rooms and get $15 off and clean 5 or more rooms and get $20 off. This is in addition to our current sales price of $35 per room. It is a great time to have your carpet cleaned in the Dallas area.

In addition to the savings, you should know that there are many other reasons to clean your carpet this month.

The chief reason to clean your carpet now is that it needs it. You have just hosted several holidays and your carpet is literally full of soil. It might seem like a good idea to put it off and handle it during spring cleaning but this could damage your carpet. Soil is abrasive and will actually scratch the surface of your carpet. This will make it less reflective of light and will cause it to look dull. This is permanent damage and can not be repaired. So, the longer you put off the cleaning, the more damage you will cause to your carpet.

Another good reason to clean your carpet now is because it is more convenient. We are less busy so you can choose some very convenient appointment times. In addition, cold air is dry air. This means that your carpet dries very quickly. We often get dry times of under one hour this time of year.

As you can see, cleaning your carpet in January can be a pretty good idea. Why not pic up the phone and give us a call or schedule a cleaning online.